Email Marketing

What Email Marketing is all about


If you want an unknown person to turn your waving fans, it’s the only tool that can get you what you want,…

Yes, you read it right, Email Marketing can beat any other tool in the world, not paid Ads like Google and Facebook can beat Emails….


Because do you have control over your user when you advertise?

Imagine you have rolled out an offer that is for your target audience and they see and leave and they didn’t buy anything from you….because you are new to them and nobody trusts anyone in the first place, right?

Now how do you reach them again to build trust? Obviously, you have some methods by using so you can reach them again via paid ads.

However, you can only reach less than 50% of people. What about the rest of them? They have disappeared as the algorithm of these social media keeps changing and it’s not good to depend on these platforms alone. 

So what you can do is you can simply have their emails and contact list. 

Now you are in full control when it comes to reaching out to people you want to. 

So they show up, open the email or not, it’s up to your further skills. But we have already passed the biggest barrier which is reaching the right people. 

Once you reach them you keep nurturing them by giving them some valuable content. 

Now the process is simple you are converting your most cold audience to warming up. The more you warm up the more they get to know more about you .i.e the more you give them free content the better they engage with you.

Now once they are engaging with you, you have already moved them from the TOP OF THE FUNNEL to the MIDDLE OF THE FUNNEL.

Once they pass all the hurdles after you after nurturing them, they have entered your middle of the funnel too, now your not asking them to buy anything your again giving them some free content again. 

Now the trust factor has become so strong that you are not going to sell anything to them….

Instead, they are asking whether you have any service to sell so that they are interested in buying from you.

So how to communicate with the target audience to get through all these tasks? 

It is possible only via Emails,…

So never underestimate the power of Email Marketing.

If you want to get the best ROI out of your business and you are thinking bout the long term, then Email Marketing is the best tool that is out there.

I have listed some best Email Marketing software as per my observation and recommendations.

  1. Convertkit
  2. Activecampaign
  3. Getresponce
  4. SendIn Blue
  5. Mailerlite

There are still many more but only these 5 are my personal favorites and I would like to recommend the tools I use and not everything out there in the market.

Out of all these five tools, my favorite is Convertkit. As it has a lot of features compared to any other tool, this has a personalized email sequence that makes you reach out to the audience and make them feel that you are communicating with them personally.

Thanks for your time……

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