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Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads can bring mental trauma if you don’t know how to get the maximum out of it. If you think you can run without proper guidance, trust me, you are not on the right path. I have personally burnt fingers by running Facebook Ads without guidance and learned the hard way, but…

I don’t want you to be there.

Let me tell you the four most influential and important things when it comes to Facebook Ads

  1. Targeting
  2. Ad Creative
  3. Ad Copy
  4. Headline and Offers

You can ask what only these four are? Yes…Let’s have a look at it.


As the name indicates, the biggest reason for the success of any Campaign depends on Targeting only. Targeting plays a 60%-65% role in any Facebook Ads campaign. If you target the wrong people on Facebook, no matter how good and free your product is, people will not buy from you. Let’s say you’re selling bricks, and whom should you be selling? 

To someone who is living in a rented home? NO…..

Why? Because he is not your target audience…… Then you already know that you should be selling it to someone planning to build his home shortly in 3-4 months.

So target the right audience by knowing the right fit.

Ad Creative

Here creative refers to the Ad image or a video that you see. So creative is what you add as conceptualizing in it.

So the second most important thing is creativity. Why? Because, on average, a person sees 1700-1800 Ads, I’m not saying studies say this.

Now we don’t even remember the things we saw 2 minutes ago; we forget small things daily because we have so many distractions every second when we are on social media.

Remember, people who spend time on social media are sleeping scrollers. Our job is to give them a shock that makes them get up from their sleeping scroll. So it would help if you gave them a shock that hits their mind with your creativity.

I want to add some small tips: do not use too many words in an image or video. Use only 20% of the words in the image or video. I mean, the space that your words should only occupy 20% of an image or a video. This makes Facebook AI and ML get your Ad in a higher position. 

Make a killer, daring, shocking creative that hooks people to your Ad.

Ad Copy

Once you create a killer creative, people will start reading your content to whom it is and what it is. The line of your Ad should be to whom this Ad is all about.

Let’s say you’re selling Bricks. Whom should you call out? 

So your message should go like this, “Dear Home owners or Homebuilders.”

Now you ask them what problems they are facing and how your product can be a right fit for them, like, “Hey, are you finding it difficult to find the right Brick for your Dream Home”?

Now tell them that you have a solution for them. Now build a bridge between your product and their problem. Like you can tell that you are a Brick sales expert and help them find the best Bricks for them. 

That’s it now he is interested to see what you are doing…

Headline and Offer

A headline is the third most thing the person will see once he is interested; make it short, crisp, intriguing, and relatable.

Once he is hooked on all these above factors, he will see what you offer. Like people always see value in anything before purchasing. If they don’t see value in your product or what you offer,….. that’s all gone; you have lost your valuable prospect.

Now, what can you OFFER them? Especially when you are selling Bricks, you give them a free consultation on how to choose the best ones that can never be replaced once built and involves a lot of expense if it isn’t chosen correctly. 

So running effective Facebook Ads requires a lot of effort and research. You need to know the current market study, customer avatar, what marketing strategy works for your competitors, the buyer’s physiology, and the list.

But majorly, all you need is what I have given, so make sure you follow them carefully. 

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