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The Simple Formula for Success in Digital Marketing

Who doesn’t want money? All of us right? if you are running a business or if you are a Digital Marketer, then this article is for you only. Here I would like to give you a small idea about what and how you can grow your business using digital marketing and Marketing too. The entire article is based on my very own understanding. Because as a business owner I know that a lot of people are making use of the internet and living good lifestyle whereas not some of us and why?

This article will help you understand the basics of Digital Marketing in a better way

The Topics are as follows

  1. The Fundamentals of Marketing
  2. Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing
  3. CATT Marketing Funnel
  4. Integrated Digital Marketing
  5. Personal Branding : MassTrust Blueprint

Ok that’s a glance of what you will learn, lets’s get started

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The Fundamentals of Marketing

before we get into Digital Marketing, one should know what Marketing is about, even though this topic is about Digital Marketing, you need to know about Marketing because Digital Marketing is all about Marketing with Digital media. So its a must you should learn about Marketing and its basics

What if I tell you that Marketing is based on science and not based on how creative you are. The right message to the right person at right time is Fundamental to Marketing.

The aim of Marketing is to build a strong bond and trust between both the customer and the company

Word of Mouth is one of the best and most effective and literally no cost per acquiring a customer. Make sure you have a strong and good impression on your customers for this you need to good and quality products/service for them. Keep in mind that your product/service is at least five times what your customer pays

A lot of people feel they are not No1, the thing is most influencers have reached the top due to one factor and that is, they chose their field of interest and they have developed and they became No1 in that. similarly, choose your category and become a leader in that. that’s the formula for success in any area.

Communication is one most important to building influence, for this, you don’t have to do anything great, you just have to join the conversation that people already are discussing.

Ex: If you are a stock marketing consultant, people may have doubts about which day which stock to choose, for this QUORA would be the best platform for you where you can answer people’s questions, along with that you can share your social media account along with that so that you attract them to your profile. If they see value in your account they might be your prospect.

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Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

So I hope you got what Traditional is about now we will see how different both are now I would like to give you an example, Television marketing is one of the best reaches for a mass audience but its too expensive and very difficult to reach the target audience and can’t make a direct sale, whereas in Digital Marketing it’s the cost per customer is less and reach is accurate and can easily track and study about customer behavior and their actions.

Now based on this hope I gave an overview of which one is better for your business

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CATT Marketing Funnel

Wealth = n^CATT

[n]Niche = Finding your very own niche is so important as a lot of people don’t do it because they are not aware of how important specialization is. Most people think that knowing so many things in various areas brings them money but the reality is on the other side.

The below image might give an idea of how you can choose your niche. let’s say you have a talent in some area and there is a good demand in that and also you are passionate about that. In these three areas if even a single area doesn’t match means you are so far away from what you need and achieving your goal, make sure you find a niche that is not only in demand in present but also in the future.

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[C]Content = Good content brings in good traffic. content doesn’t just bring traffic, it brings quality leads which is a prospective customers. A good search on what kind of content your target audience needs is all that you want. For content ideas, you can search for what kind of content your target audience is looking for.

[A] Attention = dragging people to your website actually the best way of Marketing. Now how do you do it? Now you can do it by driving traffic by using SEO(search engine optimization) SEO is one of the best ways for driving traffic because Google is going to be evergreen and it will.

Driving traffic in 2021 is cost-effective now days is possible by using social media. I can’t explain to you how social media is ruling the internet today and I hope you are already aware of it. Paid Ads are not only the best way but also budget-friendly and we can monetize based on the requirement.

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[T] Trust = Trust, that’s the most important thing for a human being. Trust is not only for business it is the one thing that every person looks at in another person. If you trust one you will believe his words, the same way you are supposed to build trust in your prospects. Now building trust you can show them how happy your previous prospects are and how you solved their problems and how you helped them make better decisions

Ex: If you are a stock market consultant and you helped your prospect to choose accurate stock at their budget and their interests, this way a video or pic of how you made them grow from zero to a level where they are right now will build a strong trust on you.

[T] Transaction = As the word indicates this is the stage where you get your money. It’s the most important thing as all of your efforts is to bring in you the revenue. At this stage, you are supposed to make a lead to a sale. Now how you do is simple but not easy, you are supposed to have some sales skills such as puppy dog close, assumption close, trail close if you want to know about the closing technics, you can google them as if I start explaining all it will take a lot of time and If possible I will make a separate article on the same. Closing nothing but with some natural sales technic you are making a close.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

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Pay close attention to the above image. I hope you have understood partially or nothing, let me explain to you in-depth. This is made by my mentor Digital Deepak who’s India’s №1 Digital Marketer. I am doing this article as an assignment for my internship program.

He creates content and then that free content is run through paid ads and then people come to his website and they will subscribe to the newsletter and whenever new content is made, it will be sent to his entire email list and then people will visit his website searching his name and then the content gives the signal to search engine and then the search engine starts ranking him. Now again when he makes new content and posts on social media, again when new people will visit and those who like will share his content and the entire process here now is made to build trust in the audience. Then again he sends them an email to build even more trust, now people will buy his courses once they built the trust and that’s how it works.

Now the entire process here is to make the framework of CATT, here Content Attention Trust and Transaction, that’s how the entire process is made.

A lot of people do pay ads and they see they don’t get enough quality leads why? it’s because they have not built enough trust in their audience. This method will prove to you how you can build trust and how you can get quality leads and then you can transfer them to your customer

I hope you have got a good idea about why you were not getting good leads and how you can convert them into quality leads.

Personal Branding

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Well, you know we have come to a final stage, why so many people like Elon Musk, Neil Patel …..etc. so many people have such a mass fan following and influence? it is because they have built their brand first and the company next. Before buying people see you as a person and the company next. People hate to be solved out but they love to purchase. now it’s your own responsibility to build trust and have influence, now we can see how we can do this

Learn: the first step to anything is to learn a new skill. We need to learn them in concepts, facts, and procedures. Understanding the concept, remembering the facts, and practicing the procedure. that’s how we can learn anything easily

Work: Now you have practiced the new skill, it’s time now for put that practice into action and implement that in real life.

Blog: Blogging can be one of the best platforms for building a personal brand, I will make a separate article on how you can do blogging. As of now what you should know is what you can add to your blog, write what you have learned in your journey of your work, how you struggled, and your success story….etc. By writing this way will understand better and not only that you will also build a very good personal branding by sharing your experience with the world.

Consult: Now you have a very good influence through your blogs and now it’s time for you to consult small business owners by choosing your niche and deciding whom you are going to help and work with.

Mentor: Now you have become an expert in Digital Marketing, it’s time that you mentor someone who is just a beginner you don’t have to be No1 in that but you can help someone who is just a beginner and you can help them to level where you are right now. This can be one on one or one-to-many depending upon your skill and ability

Startup: Well you have come a long way, now it’s time that you start your startup by taking some small steps, like hiring one or two employees because as you grow it’s very difficult to do all the things on your own. Now slowly you can build your team and keep going.

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Now that’s all folks, on that note I would like to tell you that whatever information I have given is completely based on my very own understandings and this information I got from Digital Deepak, I am doing his internship program and I am doing this article as part of it.

Kindly go through the steps that I have given you, I would be so happy if you can make use of the piece of information that I have given you here and implement the steps in a way that I have given like CATT Marketing Funnel and many more about it.

Now I have planned to make much more information about Digital Marketing. I will be posting regularly, if comment about how you felt about my article, also share this with those whom you feel it is useful.

Thank You so much for taking your time and reading this, hope this gave you some idea about a new perspective on Digital Marketing.

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