About Me

Hi, I’m Hemanth and I’m 25. I have been dreaming about Entrepreneurship ever since the 7th standard.

Back in 2020 when the entire world was in lockdown I was learning marketing and sales for a business, because I knew that these two are the fuel for any business.

So I was studying some online courses about sales and marketing from one of the best mentors because learning from mentors will save my time and I will succeed early comparatively.


So as months passed, I got an Internship and practical-oriented program called DDIP which is from DEEPAK KANAKARAJU known as DIGITAL DEEPAK. It was a Digital Marketing course.

Here I learned so many things about Digital Marketing, where I learned from beginner level to an intermediate level program.

During this program, there happened magic to me, just while completing my Week 6 Assignment I got my first client without doing much hard work.

So the assignment was like this, where I have to teach people about the subject I knew which is how to deal with objections while closing a sale. I did it and at the end of the session, one person asked me questions and I answered.

He took my number and he followed up with me for Facebook Ads which he had never done it before, I also helped him. Now he is my recurring customer.


Before closing my first client I asked about his digital presence and everything about his business. I made foundation strong by optimizing his  Instagram page as he was into Interior design business.

So after setting up foundation strong I started running Facebook Ads for him and guess what, I gave him 70+ leads after spending 50k+ INR and he was able to close a 4 projects, he was able to make nearly 30 LAKHS of sales just by using Facebook Ads !!

Want to create Kickass Facebook Ads which targets the high paying clients? 
Want to here the sweet sound of money being credited to your bank account every month?
Yes, you are at right place, I’m your man for Performance Marketing.

I will create profitable Campaigns which gives an amazing ROI which brings you more profit and less headache!!